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When elephants fight,
the grass gets trampled.

This Swahili proverb refers to the clash of two large forces in dispute, resulting not in the elephants suffering but instead in the innocent bystanders caught in their conflict. For the remote village of Chemengwa, nestled in the heart of Kenya's Masai Mara, the culprits of their devastation were not local adversaries but Canadian politicians and Canadian media entities continents away, leaving behind a trail of hopelessness and despair.’

Two Villages tells the story of the parallel existences of Chemengwa and its counterpart across the flowing Mara River. On one riverbank, a village blooms, nourished by the benevolence of North American based NGO, We Charity. It has become a beacon of progress, with clean water quenching the thirst of 30 communities, 852 schoolrooms echoing with laughter and learning, and a hospital standing as a fortress against illness.

Yet, across the river, Chemengwa lies in stark contrast, still shackled by the relentless chains of poverty. Women, their backs bowed, trudge daily to the Mara River, their only water source. The nearest hospital is a grueling 80 kilometers away, a journey of uncertainty.

Drawn by the jarring disparity and then captivated by the unyielding spirit of Chemengwa's people, Tosh Gitonga, an acclaimed Kenyan film and television producer/director, bid farewell to his comfortable life in Nairobi. He embarked on a journey — one steeped in metaphor and harsh reality alike — to the heart of the Mara. What he discovered was a landscape of stark contrasts, a community precariously balanced between the abyss of despair and the precipice of hope.

From the stoic determination of women who usher Tosh on their arduous water-fetching trek to the infectious enthusiasm of children mastering mathematics amidst dark and crumbling classrooms, Tosh finds himself spellbound by the resilience of Chemengwa. Determined to mend the chasm between the two villages, he brings together the disparate communities and a potential benefactor. His endeavors shine a beacon of hope amid the gloom, fostering an inspiring outcome anchored in their collective determination.

Tosh Gitonga

is a director, producer and founder of a new production house, Primary Picture. He has been on the Kenyan and African film scene since 2002. Having directed award winning films like Nairobi Half Life, which was selected as Kenya’s entry to the 85th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film, Tosh is easily one of the most celebrated filmmakers in Kenya and Africa.

David Tosh Gitonga is Kenyan by birth and residence. He terms his journey into film as a beautiful coincidence. He is self-taught, gaining his experience from working closely with respected film producers and directors like award winning, Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run (1998), The International (2009).

Tosh treasures the learnings from his humble beginnings as the tea boy and handy man on sets. He rose through the ranks and, in 2009, got his big break when he directed a thirteen-episode series, Changes, for one of Africa’s highest-ranking broadcasting and production houses, MNet.

One of Tosh’s strong points is his versatility, directing not just films and TV series, but over 100 commercials for top tier companies in Kenya and East Africa including Safaricom, MTN Uganda, Tusker Kenya and many More. Always challenging himself and reaching for more, Tosh’s latest film, Disconnect (2018) won Best Male Supporting Actor/ Best Sound and Best Cinematography at the Kalasha Kenya Film and Television Awards (2019) His latest work is 2 episodes on an upcoming South African Netflix original Series in Post production. Tosh is currently working on a new Exciting teen drama Series called Volume.

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